Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 2

Oh, dear: I can’t post to my own blog because it’s too busy. At least I hope it’s because it’s too busy. Because then, I’d have a problem but a very ego-stoking cause for said failure.

George Clooney: this is why he’s a class act. He understands that formalwear means formalwear. He’s there in a proper tuxedo, ten points out of ten.

Too bad here’s there to introduce a fairly generic and meaningless clips package.

I wonder what the decision process is like. I’d think that the producers would want to completely eliminate fluff like this until they’ve got four or five awards out the door and have some idea of how they’re doing for time. I have absolutely zero problem with the Oscars going on for three or four hours…but when you see junk like this as part of the presentation, you can understand why there’s some grumbling from the peanut gallery.

Favorite “fillers” are still those incredible montages of 100 years of cinema grouped by subject. Five minutes of the greatest car chases and the greatest kisses and the…et cetera. Pure joy of silm.

Ohhh…congratulations Apple, you just got into hundreds of millions of homes for free as Stewart uses his iPhone as a close-up prop. Maybe this is the sort of publicity push that could finally sell a few iPhones.

Steve Carrell! Swell. Always good news.

Animated feature is coming up. Another gimme for Pixar. There has to be an Oprah Backlash coming…where a Pixar film is such a prohibitive favorite that folks might not actually be motivated to vote for it.

“Persepolis” is a dark horse…people might really “want” it to win…you know, thinking that it’s an important movie that requires recognition and will make the Academy look good. Damned shame that it got zorched out of best foreign film.

I bet the “Surf’s Up” people didn’t bother to spend a whole lot of money on their tuxedoes.

Annnnd…yup, it goes to “Ratatouille.”

Carrell is properly attired, Brad Bird is in the wrong neckwear. But it’s always a big goose to see Brad Bird win.

Great speech, all about being absolutely compelled to make movies. (And another shout-out to Steve Jobs!)

Catherine Heigel, looking very nervous and presenting Best Makeup. Another interesting catgory: do you win by creating huge fantastic makeups of odd creatures (and Eddie Murphy’s usual makeups fall under this category) or by making an actoe look like they’re not wearing makeup?

Winner is La Vie En Rose: making a normal person look like a normal person. Great job.

Tuxedo: technically the wrong tie for an open collar. Open collar should be worn with white tie, not black tie.

First Song nominee. This is usually either great or hideous. Let’s see which side of the coin we get.

This category is probably a throwaway. The Academy lost credibility when it said, in so many words, that only one movie did anything of any interest whatsoever with original songs. Was “Enchanted” really all that great a music movie?

(“No,” judging from “Happy Working Song.”)

Though I’m not unhappy to see Alan Mencken get another nomination or five.

More time wasted with pointless clips. These things are only good if they’re presented as a sort of mini-documentary.

1 thought on “Live OscarBlogging – Chapter 2

  1. Fuzzy

    > ”No,” judging from “Happy Working Song.”

    Happy Working Song lost *a lot* of its impact out of context — the joy of that song in the movie is the contrast between the simple, even vapid, cheeriness of the song and the fact that it’s real-life cockroaches, rats, and dirty city pigeons doing the standard Disney “cute animals clean the house”.

    > More time wasted with pointless clips.

    One of my friends kept yelling at the TV everytime they did one of those clip sequences – he was really upset that they were wasting time with those clips sequences and then cutting off people as they made their tearful thanks. “Those thirty seconds would let some French guy thank his parents!”

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