Put Up or Shut Up Time

The power to see the positive in a situation is a tremendously valuable gift. Last month’s MacBook hard drive crash, for example. Just when I thought I’d exhausted all of the silver linings in that glorious event, I’d feel around one of the seams and…hey! These two bits aren’t sewn together at all! It’s another pocket, held shut with velcro! And look at what it’s lined with!

The crash bought me another month to decide on an offline blog editor. Dan Jalkut, captain of the tremendous commercial carrier known as Red Sweater Software, up and sent me a free license for MarsEdit. So there was no time limit on testing that I don’t have a code for Ecto. But when the hard drive crashed, it took out not only three months’ worth of photos, writings, presentations, emails, etc…it also took out the mojo that warns Ecto “This bum has been using Ecto in free trial mode long, long enough. Take him outside and straighten him out, willya?” Sweet! I cheated an honest, hardworking shareware developer out of another months’ worth of free usage!

But now, Ecto is completely fed up with my boorish behavior. It’s stopped working for a second time, which means that must soon choose a winner in this horse race. I’ve had both apps running side-by side for weeks and weeks now. They’re both fabulous apps. The fact that I tend to use whichever one happens to pop up first in the application switcher proves it. When you compare the two, you’re not trying to decide which one is better. You’re just appreciating that they’re different beasties and trying to decide which one is better for your own personal needs.

Welp, I’ll vote with my pocketbook soon. It’s a personal tool, and on that basis I really need to pay for whichever one I use. Plus, clearly one of these two guys truly deserves the dough.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to offer any final questions, comments, or observations before I change into my Chairman Kaga robes and declare one of these two Iron Chefs the winner.

12 thoughts on “Put Up or Shut Up Time

  1. Keith

    Please post a photo of you biting into a pepper. And then trying valiantly not to throw up while the camera pulls back.

  2. Keith

    Please post a picture of yourself biting into a bell pepper, and then a picture of yourself trying not to throw up while the video camera pulls back.

  3. pupdog

    Keith, those were my exact thoughts. That, and we need an impishly girly actress to titter as both products are evaluated.

  4. Mike

    Ascetically pleasing? Do you mean to imply that MarsEdit refrains wholly from earthly pleasures? While I do appreciate a certain level of piety in my apps, I must say aesthetics are much more important to me personally…..

  5. Jim Murphy


    Right after I hit Submit Comment I saw that typo!!!

    It was early in he morning and I was just about to have my first espresso

    I hate when that happens!!!

  6. Mike

    LOL…. I know, I hate it too! That’s why I wish Leopard’s system-wide grammar check had some kind of “context check” built in. Preferably involving a cartoon anvil being dropped on my head whenever I mix up effect and affect.

  7. Drew

    I hope your testing the latest beta of Ecto 3. It finally does everything so well as to have pulled me back to my senses. Today is the day I stopped writing my own Applescript based blog editor. Now I just need to find that ol’ credit card…

  8. Adriaan

    “When you compare the two, you’re not trying to decide which one is better. You’re just appreciating that they’re different beasties and trying to decide which one is better for your own personal needs.”

    That really sums it up very well!

  9. Dave M.

    Hey Andy, have you looked at MacJournal 5.0.2 for an external blog posting editor?

    I haven’t dug too deeply yet, but I have been testing it with posting to my site and posting pictures too. So far it’s doing an amazing job. You may want to take a peek at it. It’s a bit pricy, but if it formats posts the way you want to before posting them to your site, it might be worth it. :)

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