Super Bowl LiveSnark: Part 5

Boy, three cheers for TiVO. I was gone for nearly 45 minutes (went to drive-through then ate my Value Meal in the kitchen) and it took me about 5 minutes to watch everything I’d missed that was worth watching.

(Hmm. Maybe this says more negative things about the Super Bowl than positive things about TiVO.)

Incidentally, I left the house when the 2nd quarter was still underway. Drove maybe 2 miles roundtrip. Counted…eight other cars on the road, total.

Panda SalesGenie commercial. Hmm. Why do you suppose that the one Panda who represents the company is the only one who doesn’t speak in a vaudevillian, borderline-racist Chinese accent?

Caveman Bud Light commecial. Telegraphed the punchline pretty hard. But the best of a weak lot.

Carmen Electra ad for Ice Breakers. Pretty funny.

Bridgestone commercial…funny! Richard Simmons is a good sport.

Another fairly dark commercial. Though I suppose if you’re shopping for that service you’ve already been beaten down by life pretty hard.

Wall-E teaser – Damn, another awesome trailer that makes me want to see another movie. The movie trailers are the stars of the Super Bowl this year.

“Jumper” trailer. Looks fairly boring. Am reminded of a projectionist quoted by Ebert: “Lots of things happen, but none of it matters.”

Bud Light “Flying” ad. Another dumb and dismissable one.

E-Trade – Another one of those annoying “This isn’t a million-dollar ad…this is just a webcam video made by an average person like yourself!” commercials…which adds the annoyance of a “talking baby” ad for extra odiocity.

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl LiveSnark: Part 5

  1. Rob Marquardt

    I’m watching on the small TV next to the computer, but it looks like the talking baby’s lips are at a different resolution than the faux-webcam video effect. It’s grating.

  2. Shawn Levasseur

    Actually you should see the full trailer for Jumper. It’s much better than the abbreviated TV version. The film could still suck, but the longer trailer gives a better argument for the film.

  3. Kris

    I laughed out loud at the feral Alice Cooper during the Bridgstone ad. Richard Simmons was icing on the cake. The second talking baby ad with the clown was funny because I too think clowns are scary.

    Overall the ad’s were a tad disappointing this year.

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