Super Bowl LiveSnark: Part 4

Patriots touchdown! Okay, game over.

Trailer for “Wanted” movie. Way to show off the special digital effects. But 0 out of 10

GoDaddy ad. Wow. $2,000,000 spent just to get people to watch another ad on a website? Actually quite brilliant as what they want is clicks, not views.

Dell commercial…guy walks through adoring crowds with his (RED) notebook. Dunno if they’re overselling how much the general public respects purchasers of these charity products, but still, a good ad.

FedEx “carrier pigeon” commercial. Another waste of time. Guys, it’s not enough to just have a “hook.” Once I know what the hook is, your commercial bores the hell out of me if there’s nothing else there.

Trying to figure out when to make my McDonalds run. Definitely during the actual game. Prolly about 6 minutes before the end of the quarter (I think the drive-through will be jammed during the halftime show).

I like the Bud Clydesdale commercials. Cute “Rocky” reference and gorgeously shot.

“Iron Man” ad. This will be examined more closely frame-by-frame than the Zapruder film. (AWESOMMMME!!!)

Corolla commercial (kid in car with sleeping badgers as guy fires cannon just outside). Sigh. I think there was some consultant going from agency to agency, charging them $230,000 to tell them “One hook. ONE. Any more content than that one hook and the kids on the Internets won’t be favorite-voting you on their Myspaces and the Blogspaces.”

Also seems pretty sucky next to all those Ford ads (etc) where there’s a tag that says “Seriously: we really, really dropped the truck from the back of a cargo jet and then used its brakes to stop the plane.”

Leatherheads ad — Good trailer. Now I wanna see this movie.

Napoleon Garmin ad. Mmm…okay. Yeah. Realistic heart leaps from employee’s chest, quits to boss, and then walks out of building. I’m thinking “That lady…she dead.” Not leaving me in positive frame of mind for using their services.

LifeWater ad with “Thriller” dancing lizards. Fun, but will I remember what this was for?

Carlos Mencia’s Bud Light ad. Crappy comedian sells a crappy product in a crappy commercial. At least it was all contained in one lead-lined package…

Toshiba is peppering the Super Bowl with DVD-HD ads. Exciting new promotion: with each purchase of a player, you get your choice of either a Sega Dreamcast, a LaserDisc player, or two sticks that could conceivably create fire if rubbed together in exactly the right way.

AirTran commercial (guy gets fired by phone, flies to converence to tackle his former boss). Funny! Simple idea but perfect execution. If only AirTran weren’t just a single step better than hitch-hiking, in terms of convenience, comfort, prestige, and chances of not arriving at your destination with a desire to burn the clothes you’re wearing.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl LiveSnark: Part 4

  1. Rob Marquardt

    Does the drink turn lizards into zombies? Was that puff of black smoke a lizard farting?

    Too many elements that made no sense crammed into a commercial I hated.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    @Jeff – I liked those ads, too. I do wonder how they would have played with a different director or actors. It seemed like the spot didn’t reach its full potential.

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