Snarking the Super Bowl: Part One

Pepsi “Which house is Bob’s”? commercial – Spiffy. Different and funny. Though the intro was stuffy and self-conscious: a spokesperson for somethingorother explained (via speech and sign language) how totally into the hearing-impaired PepsiCo is. “Why, if our daughter decided to date a deaf man before settling down and marrying a normal person, we wouldn’t even bat an eye.”

Frank Caliendo’s Jay Leno impression is so good that I didn’t know it wasn’t Leno until I looked up from the keyboard.

Attention, multi-billion-dollar media companies and advertising agencies: please don’t pretend that your commercial is actually someone’s homemade YouTube webcam video. I know that just the tripod mount you used on this shoot alone cost more than the typical YouTuber makes in a whole year.

Commercial for the Oreo Double-Stuf Racing League. It’s possible that during the pitch meeting for this commercial, someone wrote “But is this idea too high-concept for a cookie ad?” It’s possible that this observation should have been underlined, twice, using a pen of a contrasting, eye-catching color.

FOX red-carpet cameraman shoots Jessica Simpson’s breasts, cutting her off just above the chin. Good to see someone telling it like it is.

Paula Abdul does her big music/dance video. She doesn’t look like she’s drunk…she looks like she’s playing hurt (ie, wanting to dance but playing within the limits of her pain threshold). Hmm. Feel a bit of sympathy.

Definite contender for next year’s Grammy Award for Best Use Of A Wok As A Microphone Stand.

Commercial. Sorry, SalesGenie, but Erin the eSurance agent could kick your Genie’s butt. Besides, if you’re in the business of providing people with sales leads and you do NOT hire Alec Baldwin as your spokesperson, then I have to question your business acumen.

(Tagline: “Your satisfaction guaranteed…if we fail to improve your follow-ups by at least 20%, we’ll send you this set of steak knives. And also a set of ladies’ underwear. Because if you cannot close with these sales leads, then all I can say is that a pair of panties will probably fit you nice and loose.”)

6 thoughts on “Snarking the Super Bowl: Part One

  1. Ron

    Watching Paula was like gawking at a one car accident on the freeway and wondering how one car could damage itself so bad without a lotta help…well there was Randy.

  2. Eoghann

    …and the award for least flattering use of black and white leopard spotted pants goes to Alicia Keys, who really should have someone to tell her, “you’re not going to wear *that* are you?”

  3. ShameyReed

    Declaration Of Independence-

    Now that’s cool. Major League Baseball could never pull this off…not anymore.

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