Anudder Test


Yes, another thrilling test post. My consistent complaint about MarsEdit and ecto has been the way they handle pictures. So let’s see how well this third app handles photos.

So far, so good, Dropped the photo right in and then re-adjusted the size.

6 thoughts on “Anudder Test

  1. Rob Montanez

    Senor Ihnatko,

    Yes, I too have been using both MarsEdit and ecto and they do indeed have poor support for adding images in blog posts. If you find that whatever this third app is has some promise, please do share the name as I’m hoping it could make my blogging workflow a whole lot easier (i.e., save me some time!).


  2. Peter Garner


    Just wondering if you have ever tried the blog editor in the Flock browser. I’ve only used it a few times, but it seemed to handle images pretty well.

  3. Lawrence

    I’ve just been trying MarsEdit as well in the last few days. I too am not completely satisfied with the way they handle pics. I thought it might have been just w/ blogger. I posted on their forums and they suggested snitch for quick photo cropping. I’m just not enamoured with the idea of ANOTHER app.

  4. Daniel Jalkut

    It’s true that MarsEdit has sucky (as in, none) image editing right now. But it makes up for it a bit with it’s insanely awesome Flickr browsing. :)

    Image manipulating improvements are definitely on my radar.

  5. Dave M.

    Keep an eye on MarsEdit… There have been some “telling” twitters from the MarsEdit crew that make me think that a new version is coming soon with some amazing new features…

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