Bruges Is A City In The Northwest Corner Of Belgium


If “In Bruges” isn’t one of the best movies I see in 2008, I shall be inconsolably disappointed.

(The Trailer)

5 thoughts on “Bruges Is A City In The Northwest Corner Of Belgium

  1. Pete

    My uncle lives in Belgium, so I’ve been around it’s collection of cities. It’s an intensely boring country, with great beer and cheese, that just happens to be the site of most of the major European land battles.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    I wonder if the fat tourists in the trailer are Americans in the general release, but dubbed-over as Irish or some other nationality in the US release?

  3. Jason

    I visited Bruges a few years back and found it quite delightful. I find this movie trailer…. odd.

    Belgium: beer, cheese, chocolate, waffles, and french fries. Great country.

  4. LeRoy Lees

    Brugges was the highlight of a trip to Europe last year. Great food and great people and a photographer’s paradise. I can’t wait for the movie. One of the best cities in Europe.

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