Now THAT’s more like it!


Back home, back to my secure network, and back to being able to post from Ecto.

Or MarsEdit.

Still a bit up in the air on which desktop blog editor I ought to buy.

Well, one advantage of coming home with a brand-new hard drive in the MacBook is that I can download both apps and start my free trial periods all over again. Yes, that’s me: Andy Ihnatko, enemy of independent developers everywhere.

Still slightly amazed that a tool as venerable and sophisticated as WordPress doesn’t do secure authentications, which forced me to blog via Flickr for the whole week. It’s times like these that I truly value my self-image as an idiot. There are areas in which I’m such an expert that I’m entitled to a bit of ego and arrogance (The Thing could so beat The Hulk in zero-gravity! Shut up!!!) but in general, it’s better to ask around rather than trust that what you think is true is actually true. Well, I’ll put a third tickmark next to the “get some sort of VPN solution going for my home network” item on my To-Do list.

Being home again is also my cue to restore the contents of the drive that failed last week. But I’m not in a big rush. It’s actually kind of neat to start all over again with an empty Mac. Many’s been the time when I’ve taken a look around my home and office and thought “You know, I have some money in the bank; why don’t I just rent a second, clean apartment to live in…just until I get ahead on my deadlines, I mean?”

Every now and then, I get to do precisely that. I miss my hotel room already. True, after a week at a major trade show it had acquired a certain dignified amount of clutter, but even at its very worst, you could still see the majority of the carpet. It had a tub that was large enough for myself and two friends. And a nice lady came in every single day to give me fresh towels.

Oh, I also learned a powerful life lesson yesterday when I got back from the airport:


It turns out that if you leave a 12-pack of sodas on the front porch and the temps plummet below freezing, the sumbitches will explode. Hunh. Go figure.

8 thoughts on “Now THAT’s more like it!

  1. Dave Smith (really)

    I think one of the reasons WordPress doesn’t support its own secure login is that the developers assume you will secure the login yourself with SSL/TLS. I think it’s possible to protect just the login/administration pages so it won’t slow down the casual visitor to your site, but when you want to post, it will throw up the shields and protect your information. Since it’s only intended to protect your credentials you could get away with a self-signed certificate and not pay $100+/year for a “real” certificate.

  2. Myra J (at work)

    “Being home again is also my cue to restore the contents of the drive that failed last week. But I’m not in a big rush. It’s actually kind of neat to start all over again with an empty Mac.”

    That’s really funny, because I installed Leopard on my new iMac and my old G5. Then I decided to do a clean install on my G5 (just for the heck of it). Now, when I want to de-stress from looking at a desktop full of icons and crap, and feel clean and centered, I fire up the G5 with the clean desktop and the uncluttered and hefty dock and just stare at it for a while.

    Ah. Om.

  3. Fredrik J

    Just VPN to your home and do the updates via the VPN. I really like to recommend OpenVPN as a nice solution as it is both free and darn good. I always do browsing via my VPN as soon as I am on the road. (I use a proxy at home which I browse via)

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @Myra – When I start all over again with either a new Mac or a new hard drive it’s like when your company is acquired in a merger and all of a sudden you have to re-apply for your own job. I don’t restore the Applications folder. Everytime I need an app, I install a fresh copy from CD or the Internet. After a few months, all of the apps that I actually need are on the drive and all of the cruft gets left behind.

  5. Ihnatko Post author

    @Fredrik – Yeah, I need to get some sort of VPN solution up and running. These workarounds are a big hassle. But I hate to spend money, y’see…

  6. Dennis Wurster

    Andy, Andy, Andy…. the solution is right in front of your face, yet you don’t see it! Naturally I’m assuming that you’re on a first-name-basis with that “Leo” guy you do podcasts with from time to time. And you see, one of Leo’s sponsors is Astaro. (These relationships have been super-liminaly embossed onto my brain. I’m going to have to get better with the fast-forward.) See if you can get Leo to elbow Astaro into giving you one of their units… you know, on some sort of ‘extended review loan’ or something. If all else fails, Astaro makes a free ISO that you demo on your own PC hardware, but you can keep your fingers crossed for one of their stand-alone boxes. It would be surprising if Astaro wouldn’t like a thorough review by America’s 42nd Most-Beloved Industry Figure.

    Remember, it’s not what you know, or who you know, but who *they* know.

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