Why Is This Man Smiling?

(While I’m in San Francisco without a secure connection to the Internet, I shall be posting sneakily via my flickr feed.)

Yes, I know: I didn’t close the link tag properly. Let that post show my shame until I’m back in the bubble of secure WiFi.

Let’s see if something else will work: my first YouTube video from Macworld Expo:

4 thoughts on “Why Is This Man Smiling?

  1. ShameyReed

    Magic socks, a kimona and large, hairy manly hands…..this is exactlywhat SJ had in mind when he brought forth the new AppleTV with instant downloadable vodcasts loaded directly to your large screen living room tv.

    “All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up”

    Who needs network programing?- this interweenieweb stuff kills.

  2. Moeskido

    My sympathies for the loss of a hard drive. I’ve heard the death-rattle on my wife’s PBG4, and it’s unnerving. Glad I have regular backups running, thanks to folks like you.

    If you see these posts in time, I’d like to suggest that you might attempt to profile manufacturers of unusual peripheral hardware you might find on the show floor, perhaps in a less-traveled aisle. I remember my last Macworld at Javits in NYC, chatting with Bob Levitus about how I was merely scouting for oddball gadgets one might attach to a desktop via Firewire or USB, and reap unexpected convenience.

    One particular gizmo I recall was a scanner which came with a tent-shaped fold-up housing. It would reflect the scanner’s light source to the degree that the non-flat object placed within might yield a more-or-less properly-lit image, suitable for product shots in a pinch.

    Party on, young man.

  3. KD

    Mmmm. You have obviously not gone to any science fiction conventions on the West Coast. There you would meet the costumers handing out ribbons, “Lather, Rinse, Repent”. The iron clad rule of West Coast science fiction conventions is “5 – 2 – 1″. At LEAST five hours of sleep, at least two meals, and one shower EVERY DAY.” A meal may substitute for an hour of sleep, but NOTHING substitutes for a shower. Lather, Rinse, and go in goodness.

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