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Today’s question: “Is Andy Ihnatko, in fact, a mature adult?”

Pro: In a corner of his bedroom there is a small pitcher in which he stores “non-negotiable” coinage. It contains pocket change deposited there after each of his many trips to foreign lands, a tangible document of his peripatetic nature and the many adventures that his successful career has brought him.

Con: It also contains an equal quantity of arcade tokens; “gaffed” coins for use in magic tricks; and squished novelty pennies.

Pro: Though it was the end of a 14-hour workday and he longed for bed, he nonetheless diligently performed nearly an hour’s worth of office cleaning, the better to stay ahead of the game.

Con: In the midst of said cleaning, he discovered a $400 device that he thought he’d returned to the manufacturer two months ago, following a 30-day review loan.

Pro: Concerned about the irregular hours he’s been keeping, and aware that a professional ethic is best served by a regular schedule, Andy has set a recurring alarm to wake him at the same time every morning. Even though he’s self-employed and thus is free to slumber on until his body wakes itself.

Con: This alarm clock is set to 9:30 AM.

Con: Even so, he turns it off and then goes right back to sleep.

Con: …Usually until about noon.

(Invoking the rarely-used Rule 12 of the Point/Counterpoint protocol, “Pro” elects to declare a 30-minute timeout in order to regroup.)

3 thoughts on “POINT/COUNTERPOINT.

  1. WTL

    I don’t use an alarm clock unless I have a meeting that I could potentially miss, otherwise, I trust that my body will wake up when it is good and ready.

  2. Michael Krzyzej

    This post made me wish I wasn’t drinking bubble water as I read it. Do you know how hard it is to clean that stuff off? Of course you do. The iPhone is a harsh mistreress.

  3. Myra J (at home)

    I think we can all relate to the alarm clock thing. I have 2 clocks: one (really a sunrise simulator) next to my bed, set to “go off” at 7:10 am. It actually goes off with an audible sound as well as light. I turn off the noise, pull the blanket over my head to block out the “sun” glaring in my face.

    The other alarm clock is set for 7:20. Yes, am. Across the room, so I would have to get up to turn it off. It’s a Zen alarm clock so it chimes. First few times, there is about 8 minutes between chimes. Charming. Then the chimes occur with greater frequency until you hear: bongbongbongbonggggggg! That often gets me up. Lately, though, I get up, turn it off and get back into bed.

    The biorhythms of “night people” should not be toyed with.

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