On Vodcasting…

I asked for your feedback on the idea of putting my YouTube stuff in a companion video podcasts. There were way, way too many helpful replies, so instead of responding individually I’ll do it collectively.

(It also gives me a chance to test Version 2 of the WordPress mobile admin plugin. I’m hoping to post stuff from Macworld Expo & thus is probably the first real post I’ve done with it since I installed it a few months ago.)

The defining question regarding any idea you have for the distribution of your work should be “do I actually want people to see this?” This is why CWOB’s RSS feed features full posts. I’m not 100% happy encouraging people to avoid visiting my site directly, but it does mean that more people will read these posts. So, sure.

A vodcast would help more people to see these videos…plus I admit that if Robert Llewellyn’s YouTube vids were available via podcast, I’d happily sign up. YouTube is a snap to watch, but it’s nifty-cool to pick up an iPod or an AppleTV remote and presto! There’s a new show, all downloaded and ready to go.

And finally, that was no joke in the video…the two I’ve shot and edited so far are in HD, as will the future ones. T’would be a shame if nobody got to see these at decent resolution…

That said: one thing at a time. I want to get the CWOB podcast up and running first, and apart from the blog, the priority is on getting regular podcast and YouTube content out there.

There’ll be plenty of time to freestyle later. For now, I’d better make sure that the compulsories are all on their feet…!

11 thoughts on “On Vodcasting…

  1. Frank

    A Ihnatko produced Podcast? Has your doctor approved this? I mean we don’t want to see you in a bed at the end of 2008 in a psychotic fit screaming damn podcast! I can’t wait! For the podcast anyway :-)

  2. Robert

    Why, Andy, WHY???!!!

    I have been refreshing your COWB.com page hourly, and haunting flickr just to get the occasional morsel, and here was this entire seven course meal of fresh Ihnatko goodness just around the figurative corner.

    Thanks for finally letting the rest of us in on your “little experiment”.

  3. ShameyReed

    One step closer to the dream we have all been dreaming of- Andy Ihnatko’s Celestial Waste of Bandwidth- the Opera. Wotan- unleash the Valkyries!

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    @Shamey – My opera will be one of those “emotional and criminal intrigue between starving artists and their landed patrons in a nation on the cusp of revolution” deals rather than a “spear and magic helmet” ones.

    Of course, Ms. Damrau gets full approval of the libretto early in the process. If Diana wants to be riding a flying stallion, then dammit, she gets a flying stallion.

  5. ShameyReed

    I got in to the Met for the Die Zauberflöte in dress rehearsal this season– aka not full voice (but then I don’t posses a full ear.. mostly a ‘gee she sings purdy’ noviceonado type fan). Happy to report Mlle. Damrau was a credit to both Mozart and the wardrobe designer.

  6. ShameyReed


    Brace yourself before clicking the above link. This particular photo of Mlle. Damrau looks perhaps like an avatar from WOW as drawn by Shell Silverstein. A little weird? Julie Taymor + Mozart + Freemasonry set design….uhm, yeah I’d say ‘a little weird’ about covers it. Lots of fun though (unlike the current Magic Flute, which was te-d-ious). Again remember I am but an un- refined groundling.

    Sorry to mix the soup and desert but any comment on the following–(via Daring Fireball)


    would love to here multi-point of view discussion on MBW re: research and writing process (and preferred applications) by those of you who have gone before the quill for lengthier projects. Circus Pony, DevonThink, Scrivener???


  7. Mike W.

    Robert Llewellyn on YouTube? Geez, I’ve spent a while under that rock. Love da’ Dwarf!

    Seriously, you have option to keep your vodcasts on the cheap, but I’m more than happy to see them via YT on CWOB.

  8. Philip

    I will be glued to the AppleTV if the Big Fella does an HD podcast.
    Great news.

    I think Blip TV can handle an H.264 HD video and then hand it back as an enclosure in a iTunes Podcast RSS feed.
    I used them once and the video is still online and available through iTunes.
    Very cheap hosting especially for one so beloved as your good self.

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