Bargain font day! Bargain font day! Bargain font day! Act Now!

I have a few reliable New Year’s Eve traditions. First, I swap out the December action figure battle diorama on the top of my dresser for the new January one (winner stays and faces down the action figures from a different movie or TV franchise; this time, the Colonial Marines of “Alien” will be squaring off against Alex Ross’ “Kingdom Come” version of the Justice League. When I’m finally finished with that, I work my way through a bottle of whatever claret was on sale at the Liquor Barn while quietly weeping so as not to disturb the fun of the people having the big party next door.

And then, at the stroke of midnight, I buy a mess of new fonts from Comicraft. They make these intensely wonderful display, special-effect, and lettering fonts and for one day only, the number of years A.D. is the number of pennies you pay per font package.

This is a pretty spectacular deal: many of these fonts go for $150 or so!

The sale goes on all day long, but I usually know what I’m gonna get before 2007 expires. And I scored a bunch of great ones this time, viz…

Treacherous,” which arrives in both pointy and roundy editions in the same package:

Treacherous font sample

Spellcaster” (regular and italic):

Spellcaster typeface

Letterbot,” a lovely handwritten OCR-looking font (bold and regular). What a marvelous font…it perfectly blends digital and analog. When I finish the design of this site, this is going to be the standard font for navigation-type stuff:

Letterbot type sample

Destroyer.” Now this is a weird one: I don’t remember adding it to my cart myself, and I wasn’t charged for it. So I don’t know if this was just some sort of bonus for spending the first fifteen minutes of 2008 buying fonts instead of kissin’ some cute cigarette girl at the Stork Club. You get Open, Outline, and Solid versions:

Destroyer font sample

Bryan Talbot.” This is their latest comic-book lettering font. If you’ve picked up a comic book in the last five years, there’s a 95% chance that it was lettered digitally and if so, there’s a 99.99% chance that Comicraft supplied the font. Some artists have actually commissioned typefaces that approximate their own lettering style.

I had my eye on this font package all month long. I think it’s normally $140 or so. You get it in bold, italic, and regular weight, in an all-caps and upper-and-lower case versions:

Brian Talbot font sample

That’s hundreds of dollars’ worth of fonts, and I got ’em for a little more than $60.

And here’s a valuable tip: Comicraft has an ongoing promotion called “Create Your Own Font Pack.” Choose any three fonts plus any balloon-lettering font, and you receive an extra 20% off that order. This means that the fourth font will be damned-near free (my invoice reflects four $20.08 fonts minus a $16.06 discount).

I can’t recommend Comicraft fonts highly enough. The fonts in my website header are all Comicraft. The fonts in my Keynote presentations are all Comicraft.

In fact, the company got probably the highest possible compliment as I was packing up my gear after a big presentation. “Which font did you use for your slides?” someone asked. “It was like Comic Sans…only it doesn’t suck!

13 thoughts on “Bargain font day! Bargain font day! Bargain font day! Act Now!

  1. Jes

    Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy!!
    Just sent WiggleJohome to work on her portfolio with (last count) 5 fonts she liked better than the free font sites i scan for her on a daily basis.
    The rest of the week entails locating a qualified engineer to do a design-build for a portable table top portfolio, and 17 inch tablet screens. Oy!

    Good Night. Safe driving home.

  2. Shawn Levasseur

    Destroyer was the free font offered on the front page, apparently they automatically added it to your cart. It’s the font used for the KISS logo, created for the KISS comics at Image.

  3. David Roth

    Thanks, Andy. I don’t know what I’ll use them for, but I just bought five really cool fonts for about $60. Happy new year. See you on the 17th.

  4. Augie De Blieck Jr.

    HedgeBackwards is one of my all-time favorite fonts. Loved it in Busiek/Immonen’s SHOCKROCKETS and before than in an early 90s/late 80s SHIELD series and even in THE KILLING JOKE. (OK, those last two were actually hand-lettered, but that’s what the font is based on.)

    Monlogous is excellent if you’re looking for a Tom Orzechowski-like font. Picture the classic Claremont/Byrne X-Men tales and you’ll see this font.

    And I use Jeff Campbell Sketchbook for my blog banner design.

    I don’t know if they’re doing it again this year, but I subscribed for two years to their Font Of The Month club and got a couple dozen great fonts out of it. I may only ever use a half dozen, but even at that it’s worth the price. It is NOT subject to this sale, though.

  5. Moeskido

    Thank you for the reminder, Mr. I. Forwarded the sale advisory to several designer friends of mine, whereupon I bought a font pack of my own.

    Considering how many venues you’ve used to praise their product, ComiCraft should appoint you Evangelist For Non-Comics Fan Audiences, and throw you a CD collection for the kindess. Just sayin.’

  6. KD

    Ordered Treacherous, DigitalDeliveryInt, Treasure Trove, and AIsETsUFOs, but they lost my PayPal transaction, so I will have to wait for my beautiful fonts. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Ihnatko Post author

    @KD – You’re not the only one I’ve heard from with this problem. LMK if Comicraft doesn’t resolve things. Good picks, BTW!

  8. Dori

    It appears that they may have caught on to the “Create Your Own Font Pack” loophole. Or at least, they’re not letting me take advantage of it (and yes, I have four $20.08 fonts in my cart, one of which is a Balloon Lettering font). Drat!

  9. Jason

    My bank account is approximately $130 poorer, but my life is so much richer. Thanks for the reminder, Andy. I recall your mention on MBW, but the date had slipped my mind.

  10. Shawn Levasseur

    I had the PayPal problem too, but as soon as the transaction clears, I’ll be getting the fonts.

    Then my problem will be deciding when to use the “Bryan Talbot” font vs. “Digital Delivery” font (not to mention my longtime favorite non “Comic Sans” comic font, Tekton)

    With such an abundance of fonts available cheaply every New Year’s Day, the holiday should be renamed “Comic Geek Thanksgiving”

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