My Beloved Christmas Traditions

Though the writer’s strike has zorched two of my favorite holiday traditions, I can still get my annual fix through the miracle of YouTube…and share this tradition with all of you.

Beloved Holiday Tradition #1: Paul Shaffer’s annual impression of Cher singing “O Holy Night” on the Sonny & Cher Show:

Beloved Holiday Tradition #2: Darlene Love singing “Christmas Baby, Please Come Home”:

Merry Christmas, everybody!

5 thoughts on “My Beloved Christmas Traditions

  1. Jes

    I can not remember seeing her perform live. No I’ll take that back. She’s done some PBS Christmas specials for WNET live, but not as memorable as this one.
    It’s horrible, but I can not remember where I remember Paul Shaffer from in the early 70’s. Every time I see him it drives me nuts. Yet his ‘homage’ to Cher is cute. You can find the song on youtube marked Cher Medley, Well back to the incomparable Tina Turner.

  2. Myra J (at home)

    Paul Shaffer was the music director on Saturday Night Live in the 70’s. I called SNL one day back then to ask if a recording of the SNL theme was available anywhere, and Paul actually got on the phone with me and we had a little discussion about the music. Boy oh boy was that a surprise. I really didn’t think I’d get to talk to the composer himself. That was cool.

    Andy — I love the Darlene Love video. That was sooo much fun! Thanks.

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    Neat story…hard to recall a time when you could just pick up a phone and eventually be speaking to just the right person…!

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