On the whole, I’d rather see a spinning beachball cursor.

Wowwww. I’ve been using iTunes since it was called SoundJam and yet I’ve never seen an error message like this before:

iTunes error message- Stark black

I’m not saying that this error got me all upset or anything. But c’mon, Apple: is this a rational, reasonable, and most importantly a proportionate response? Let’s consider the actual problem here: when Joe Jackson’s “Happy Loving Couples” comes up on Shuffle Play, iTunes will be unable to show me a black and white photo of pointy shoes.

Honestly. You see this kind of stark, in-your-face error mode and you’re steeling your courage for the next sentence coming after it. Surely it’s something on the level of

“Mr. Jobs hates you and your work so much that he not only doesn’t want you to write about his products any more…he also doesn’t think you deserve to use them, either.


“iTunes will show you your album covers again after you finally admit that your interest in Star Trek/Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman slashfic goes beyond simple irony.”

or even

“…and now the zombified remains of the wicked shall rise from their unmarked graves, and feast upon the hearts of the righteous.”

If I were in charge of iTunes, I would have had the app simply drop a subtle red “X” over the Cover Flow area. I’m just not sure I understand why Apple would want to use an error display that clearly and definitively announces to all those present that This Piece Of Apple Software Has ****ed Something Up Mightily.

Do they think that this is, like totally the most awesome problem ever?