National Terrible Unfinished Novel-Writing Month: Day 12

I had a fairly productive day today. Not in terms of wordcount but of fundamental attitude. Up until now, I’ve been focused on steady output of readable, engaging fiction. What a rube!

I now realize that doing actual work runs counter to the spirit of NaTeUnNoWriMo. The point isn’t to produce a novel that will bring joy to others, after all. The whole point is spend a whole month feeling real good about yourself and thinking of yourself as a writer.

No, scratch that: an author.

Better: an Author.

So really, a successful NaTeUnNoWriMo means spending as much time as possible doing the sort of things you imagine that Authors do. I suppose Authors write the occasional something as well, but really, when you screen the movie “Amadeus” and compare the number of scenes in which Mozart is actually writing his operas and the times when he’s drinking, showing off, gettin’ it on with a happenin’ Austrian frauline…it quickly becomes apparent that I’ve been going at it all wrong.

I got off to a great start by spending a long weekend getting bombed out of my mind. Today, I spent four or five hours lying on my sofa and not writing. Just, you know, trying to get inside the heads of my characters. What would they be thinking after a long nap? Are they in the mood for another soda? Hey, it’s nearly 4 PM…would they like to watch “Arthur” on PBS?

Just to prove that I’m totally committed to NaTeUnNoWriMo, at 9 PM when I wondered “Would any of my characters be good at Guitar Hero III?” I didn’t screw around. I jumped in the car, got to a Best Buy about twenty minutes before it closed, and bought an XBox 360, a GH3 controller, and a big-ass plasma for research purposes.

Looks like a long night of character development ahead. Isn’t it wonderful when the work is going so well that it doesn’t even seem like work any more?