New MacBreak Weekly Podcast is up

Me Podcasting - Angry

Hmm…I’m rather slow on the trigger with this but the latest MacBreak Weekly podcast is up and ready to be downloaded. It’s a special all-Leopard edition, featuring everyone’s impressions of 10.5 now that it’s actually out and some of us are free to speak freely about the thing for the first time. And we were joined by John Siracusa, whose arstechnica review of Leopard stands as the most extensive and important one of the whole bunch.

This podcast can occupy a cherished place on your iPod or iPhone, right next to the Kenny Loggins tracks you impulsively purchased in a fit of 80’s nostalgia and never played all the way through.

10 thoughts on “New MacBreak Weekly Podcast is up

  1. Jason Z.

    I hope you are getting profit sharing from Amazon on the Fully Loaded preorders, I just POed it. Don’t forget to add your Leopard book too.

  2. Myra J

    Hey Andy – I preordered the Leopard book from Amazon last week, along with 2 light fixtures. I really need those light fixtures, so I hope Amazon doesn’t wait til the book is released to send my fixtures.

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    @Jason – I’ve never actually set myself up with an Amazon partnership account…though that’s probably a good idea. But not to worry. I do make a little something on every book sold. :)

    @Myra – I do tend to think of my books as beacons of pure Truth, Beauty and Wisdom, but I concede that none of these will help you find the remote control. Thanks for pre-ordering!

  4. Myra J

    How did you know that I spent 20 minutes last night looking for my remote control? Of course I was 3 feet from the tv, but God forbid I should actually use the button on the tv to turn it on.

  5. Ihnatko Post author

    Walking three feet to turn on the TV manually is taking the lazy way out. Taking the time engage in an aerobic 20-minute search for the remote marks you as the product of proud American pioneer stock; I salute you.

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    It’s a Snowball mic from Blue. Very nice, flexible mic for spoken-word and music.

    A week or two after taking that picture, I got an M-Audio Producer USB mic…very very happy with it.

  7. Ryan Cates

    Not to drag this microphone discussion on forever, the Snowball looks like a really good mic. Why the switch?

  8. Ihnatko Post author

    M-Audio sent me one to try. It seems to be engineered specifically for voice; it just sounds much warmer and cleaner, and I don’t need to be speaking quite so close to the thing.

    Pretty cheap, too, at $99.

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