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Dear Andy of Yesteryear:

You have the right idea. You’ve known for years that when it comes to web development, the best way to learn is to see how other people did it. Bravo on taking it to the next level by actually taking a peek at the future state of your own blog and stealing from your Future Self.

No, I’m not mad…not at all. Time is merely an illusion and if Past, Present and Future Andy put our heads together and work collaboratively, we can get this new site finished in no time. Literally.

Anyway. I found out something astonishing yesterday: it turns out that WordPress’ visual editor, while not full of crap, definitely could stand a good scrubbing out with a 15% bleach solution. You know all the times you’ve clicked into the “Code” tab, pasted HTML code into a post (to create some fancy formatting, a YouTube embed…that sort of thing) and WP screwed it up?

Yup, that’s the Visual Editor causing trouble by trying to be helpful. It adjusts the code when you switch back.

So I’m hoping that you’ll read this post before I wind up wasting lots and lots and lots of time downloading lots and lots and lots of plugins for embedded content. I know it’s reasonable to assume that you need one — because for God’s sake, what’s the point of having a Code editor if all the code is going to be ruined once you click back and continue writing your post? — but you really¬† don’t. All you need to do is NOT return to the visual editor before you publish the post.

No need to thank me, Past Andy. I figure that instead of wasting hours on this problem you’ll spend that time cleaning our office, and I’ll finally be able to find the red iPod Nano that I lost track of last month.

Oh, and be sure to shave before you go out to run quick errands on October 18…you’re going to bump into a girl you briefly dated and you won’t feel quite so awkward without the three-day beard.

5 thoughts on “WordPress Embedding

  1. gizo

    Dear Andy,

    I love your new banner/logo thing. Truly.

    I do wish the whole thing was an hyperlink back to home though. I find myself wanting to click all over it. In a good way.


  2. Paul

    Just wanted to tell you I’ve enjoyed the things you’ve wrote for a long time…..Every time I sit down and read your articles, blogs or listen to you on various podcasts or programs I can always count on two things: I almost always learn something new and I always, always finish reading or listening to you with a smile on my face and for that I just want to thank you.

    When not using or reading about Macs in particular or techie stuff in general I really enjoy gardening. My favorite writer is Henry Mitchell, he writes books and articles about gardening, growing flowers specifically. I don’t expect you are familiar with him though you might be but what I wanted to tell you is that reading his books is like reading your books and articles. Even though you both write about completely different things, what your writings have in common is that wonderful little light of learning that shines in your head while reading the things ya’ll write….. And best of all you’re smiling from ear to ear while reading and just that feeling of ahhhhhhh that comes for learning and laughing at the same time…..Even if none of this makes any sense to you at least know that it is heartfelt……:)

    I reckon I’ve had my say so I’ll just ease on…..Looking forward to what you got in store for us folks next time you got something to say……


    P.S. My wife enjoys your work too…She’s a good judge of character, she married me didn’t she?…..:)

  3. Ihnatko Post author

    @gizo – Yeah, that’s hardwired into the template, I’m afraid. If I build my own you better believe that clicking the header will always take you back home.

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