Head Games

Behold, the new Celestial Waste of Bandwidth header image. I had a little time last night (rather, I had something else I really needed to be doing instead, but couldn’t get started on it) so I started launching stuff and playing with some ideas.

The fonts are all from the fabulous Comicraft font collection. My name is in DigitalDelivery, the Waste of Bandwidth is Spills, and the big word is Sentinel (tarted into 3D by Adobe Illustrator).

Boy, it really is the little things that matter. I’ve been working on this blog off and on for more than a month and it’s always seemed like something that’s been firmly in beta and barely a blog. But now I click the link and instead of a generic default header with a PHP-generated title, I have a proper masthead just like a “real” website. There’s still lots and lots of work left to be done (I need to either build a new theme or heavily restyle the one I have now, plus I have to set up all of the subpages and the navigation thereto) but oddly enough this small patch of visual fluff makes me feel like this thing has moved forward.

For all that, I’m still trying to decide whether I’ll go with two columns or three. I hate the clutter of sites that keep adding column after column instead of taking a step back and figuring out how to make a cleaner and more accessible site.

14 thoughts on “Head Games

  1. Jason Z.

    I love the header Andy. The second I visited the site and saw that I thought it was perfect. Founding Father wigs always make anything look more prestigious.

  2. Thierry Daigneault

    I love it. Really funny (and well designed, of course) header. I just wonder who’s head you had to cut off in order to stick yours there. Actually, I guess this is more in the “Face Off” vein of surgery. Which means there’s some guy a few centuries ago wondering how he got stuck with your hair (and “rugged good looks” clothes).

  3. Kevan

    Haha, so classic, I love it! Well done, Mr. I, this is one of the best header images I have seen in a while. It fits your personality, and it really gives your blog some serious style. I can’t wait till you bring this baby out of beta so everyone can enjoy it without hunting you down on Technorati. :)

  4. Greg Turner

    Aha! Found it. My first guess was cwob.com/blog; an homage to Dvorak.

    The header looks fantastic. Just wanted to say I always look forward to your comments on Mac Break Weekly. Your wit really adds to the show.

  5. Ihnatko Post author

    @Gareth – Well, if you mistake me for somebody I suppose you could do worse than him. Anybody who’s ever been on a reality show, for instance. Except for “The Amazing Race.”

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    @Andy K – Yuppers. It’s so hard to do something cool with just a few dozen pixels, though. But I’m sure if I lie here on the sofa and nap for another two or three hours, I’ll be hit with the Brilliance Stick.

  7. Ihnatko Post author

    @Thierry – Thanks! It’s a painting of an 18th-century French cavalry officer that hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  8. Ihnatko Post author

    @Kevan – Ach, I’m a bit stalled at the moment. I’m in the final throes of the Leopard book and developing the new blog is now sulking in the backseat. But Progress Is Our Most Important Product…

  9. Ihnatko Post author

    @Greg – I’m surprised that I’m getting so many emails from people who are stymied. But principle is principle. If I leave a tray of baked goods out there in the front yard and people help themselves and get deathly ill because of improperly-refrigerated dairy products, I can hardly be held liable, right?

  10. Thierry Daigneault

    >If I leave a tray of baked goods out there in the front yard and people help themselves and get deathly ill
    >because of improperly-refrigerated dairy products, I can hardly be held liable, right?

    Well, it depends. If you’ve been advertising your baked goods as being “hidden somewhere on my property” on a podcast listened to by tens of thousands of people without mentioning that they might die if they eat it. Then again, some baked goods are so delicious… It might just be worth the risk.

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