More WordPress info

Hello, Andy. Andy From The Past here. I’ve just come across a couple of WordPress links that I think you’ll find useful, now that it’s November or something and you’re cracking your knuckles and sitting down to create an all-new theme and lots of CSS and even a bunch of custom scripts.

  • Headzoo has a super Theme generation cheatsheet, which I’m sure you’ll want to print and keep handy. They also seem to have some nifty plugins, including one which ought to make it easier to embed MP3 and QuickTime players.
  • And here’s a Wiki that collects a bunch of resources in one convenient locale.

Oh, and while you’re at it: find the first bastard who ever claimed that Linux is just as good as any commercial OS and insert a shrimp fork into a creative and amusing place on his or her person.

Yes, for all the usual reasons, but also because I’m typing this on my Ubuntu machine and as always, every time the edge of my palm violates the airspace above the trackpad, it registers as a stroke and a mouseclick and as such, the editor’s insertion point keeps teleporting around erratically and spraying this post with keystrokes.

I think the shrimp forks are behind (not inside) the Rubbermaid organizer in the silverware drawer. Actually, I’ll go into the kitchen right now and make sure they’re where you can easily find them.