Flexible Upload Plugin Test

Just testing out a new plugin, sensation-seekers. “Flexible Upload” sounds like what I’m looking for as a picture-posting tool (a simple tool that automatically scales and centers images) but it doesn’t seem to be working properly, viz:


. So I’m making some screenshots and documenting what’s happening so the author can figure out what’s going wrong.

4 thoughts on “Flexible Upload Plugin Test

  1. Ihnatko Post author

    Yup…it’s supposed to be scaled down to 600 pixels high. But the plugin isn’t scaling it at all. Hopefully the developer will learn something valuable from this. Like, perhaps, that Ihnatko is a moron who doesn’t understand how to properly install and configure a plugin.

    I don’t think that’s the reason why it isn’t working, but if I were a moron, that’s probably precisely what I’d think, isn’t it?

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