As Though Our Two Hearts Have Been Mashed Together As One


This gentleman is a wonderful photographer.

No joke. He’s a real pro. His shots have a compelling, luminous quality. Strong portfolio. Good stuff.

But this has got to be one of the very worst ideas for a wedding photo ever.

(Third from the top.)

My second reaction is of course the inescapable metaphor.

“We’re stuck on the railroad tracks,” these faces say from the luminous photo on their sofa table. “That’s us. That’s our life together. Stalled and stuck on the railroad tracks. Ignoring the warning signs that should have been obvious to even a drunk-ass sea otter, to say nothing of all of the people — all of our friends and family, really — who are frantically shouting ‘Don’t do it! It can’t possibly end happily! It’s going to be a terrible disaster!!!’

“But for this moment, at least, we’re the happiest damned people in the whole ****ing world. Let us grab on to this moment! Grab it and hold it close and make it last forever!”

My first reaction is “Holy ****! You! You two idiots! Get off the train tracks!!!

4 thoughts on “As Though Our Two Hearts Have Been Mashed Together As One

  1. Ihnatko Post author

    I hope you took that the way it was intended…again, you’re a terrific photographer. I just thought that in this specific shot the setting upstaged the stars of the show.

  2. Brandon Mulnix

    Oh I did, I laughed like heck about it. Its not everyday your work gets put in front of the World, and I like to hear what people have to say about it…..

    I am always looking for unique ways to capture the day. This was actually discussed ahead of time. What was really funny was the fact you described it so well. I have another image of just the Bride and Groom sitting on the tracks holding each other so tightly….

    Have a great day!

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