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Fun Prez

Obama pardons the White House Thanksgiving turkeys. Scrub ahead to about 42:50 to get past the title card.

I think this is the first time I’ve ever willfully watched this annual video. I’m glad I did because it put a big smile on my face.

I can’t remember another President who seems to sincerely enjoy his job as much as Obama. He acknowledges that this is a pointless photo op, but not as a way of trying to make himself look cool. He seems to be saying that it’s a relief and a pleasure to be addressing the nation about something light and fun, after the past couple of weeks.

I know that Obama is going to make an awesome ex-President. I also know that this sentiment is shared by the most vocal GOP supporters, but I’m coming at it from a different angle. A President leaves the White House with his title, his stature, and his influence mostly intact. All he loses is the house and the staff and all of the worst parts of the job. Starting on Friday, January 20 2017, he gets to choose his own missions from the rest of his life.

Becoming an ex-President is like becoming a grandparent. You get of the fun of playing with and nurturing and spoiling a kid, with none of the diaper cleanup or the higher car insurance premiums. Carter and Clinton have gone to do great work after leaving office and I’m eager to see what Obama will choose to do.

This video is also charming just to for the reactions of his kids. You can be the President of the United States. You can even be acknowledged as the coolest President we’ve ever had. But your kids will still think you’re a lovable but mildly-embarrasing doofus.