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TAG Heuer launches their luxury Android Wear watch

TAG Heuer Connected

(Via TAG Heuer.)

Okay: $1500 for a smartwatch from an established luxury watch brand. Titanium case, sapphire crystal.

Rubber watch band.

What is it with smartwatch makers going all cheapskate on the bands that they include with their super-expensive watches? I know, I know: people who spend $1500 for any kind of watch are probably happy to spend $2000 for an additional watch made by someone else if they want a leather band.

Or something. Maybe they consider cow leather to be for the riff-raff. “If the hide didn’t come from an extinct animal whose taxidermied form was obtained from the American Museum of Natural History in exchange for underwriting a new wing…well, why even bother?” I’m just speculating.

Also interesting: it runs Android Wear, so it’ll work with all of those apps. But it doesn’t have a heartrate monitor. Perhaps the luxury watch buyer pays someone to exercise for them. I’m not very savvy about that demographic. Do they still commute to their offices in sedan chairs carried by uniformed orphans?

Still, the TAG Connected looks terrific. And while the $1500 price tag is kdjfhsjkdhfkshd-inducing, Engadget is reporting that owners can trade their TAG Connected in for a $1500 credit towards a mechanical TAG Carrera anytime inside of two years.

I’d love to see Apple introduce something similar. Does anybody really believe that these first-generation Apple Watches will still be desirable after two or three years? It’d be nice to be able to apply the value of an old watch towards the purchase of a new one.

The Connected comes with a custom TAG watchface. I think high-end makers ought to release custom watch faces that are compatible with all Android Wear devices. It’s good brand ambassadorship and it highlights the styling and philosophy that defines these companies as luxury brands. People who would never buy a $1500 watch in a million years will enjoy the watch faces. And then, a million and one years later, when they come into some money, maybe they’ll want their first super-nice watch to have that same kind of style language.