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Ihnatko Almanac Episode #00161: “Project Doneway”

Episode 00161 of The Ihnatko Almanac has just been posted! Merlin Mann and I talk about “Project Runway” on the eve of the season finale.

This has been kind of a different season (as we discuss). There were fewer personality clashes, at least between the designers…Tim Gunn lost his cool with one of ‘em and that was about as hot as the fireworks got. What’s this? A reality show where nobody throws a glass of Chardonnay in anybody’s face?

I love podcasting with Merlin. The conversation veered off into a lot of different directions. It’s well worth your time even if you’re not into the show.

I recorded this one in LA. So please imagine lots of slices of avocado on the plate as you listen.

Project Runway: Tim Gunn ‘hated’ season 14 | EW.com

Project Runway: Tim Gunn ‘hated’ season 14 | EW.com

(Via Entertainment Weekly.)

I don’t have an eye for fashion (as those of you who’ve seen me on podcasts already know). Tim says that the designers’ efforts were lackluster. I’ve enjoyed this season so far. The only difference I’ve noticed is the lack of flakes and freaks (the ones who either get eliminated in one of the first challenges, or go on to win the whole thing).

Season finale this week! I’m recording another special “Project Runway”-themed Ihnatko Almanac on Thursday with fellow fan Merlin Mann.

Wisdom from “Project Runway”

I’m watching this week’s “Project Runway” on my iPad while eating lunch.

The designers are in the workroom. I’ve just heard a certain phrase that seems to come up a few times in every season.

There are days when my writing does not go well. Sometimes, the writing is going so desperately Not Well and I am so creatively frustrated that I am forced to go to Plan Z, which commences after I have made the following ceremonial declaration:

“I am completely, 100% out of ideas. The tank is bone-dry, there is no liquid in the fuel lines, and the Vehicle of Genius has rolled to a stop at the bottom of a hill. I’ve been sitting here on this bench for hours, waiting for The Next Bus To Ideaville to arrive, and now I’m starting to doubt if this town even has bus service. I am going to just move forward without any plan. I have a childlike hope that God Himself will become so exasperated with my performance and so impatient to see results that He will manifest Himself here in the office and hand me an envelope labeled ‘A Workable Concept’ sometime before my deadline. Why? Because this is, in fact, the most rational and practical plan available to me at this moment.”

From now on, I shall shorten this to

“I’m just going to drape the dress form and allow the fabric to speak to me.”