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Heritage Dr. Pepper: Apparently Many Of You Were Unaware

THIS, me hearties, is Heritage Dr. Pepper:

Heritage Dr.jpg

Remember Pepsi’s brilliant idea last year? To do a special limited-time run of beverages made with real sugar? Well, they’ve expanded this wonderful program this year and added Dr. Pepper to the “Throwback” lineup.

Real sugar Dr. Pepper.

Yes, there’s a bottler in Texas who still does cane sugar Dr. Pepper. But this stuff here can be purchased by the case, by frenzied, joyful case, when you enter your local supermarket with the idea of just buying some lunchmeat and vegetables and wind up running back outside to get a cart.

I find that the Heritage Dr. Pepper is more of a sippin’ liquor than something you might just slug down. I can easily make one can last a full half an hour; each mouthful should be allowed to linger on the tongue and savored. It’s a dynamite flavor.

Good God. Why doesn’t the Coca-Cola Company ever come up with ideas as good as this one? We get Passover Coke, sure, but I think it’s best to maintain a separation of church and carbonation.