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Amazon Advent Calendar Day 12: “Higher And Higher”

Higher And Higher

Jackie Wilson

The Ultimate Jackie Wilson

Genre: R&B/Soul

Amazon MP3: Higher & Higher

This is precisely what I was talking about when I discussed Tenor Envy yesterday. Good God. I hope I have enough common sense not to trade away a single day of my life under any circumstances, but if I was offered the ability to sing just one time like Jackie Wilson in exchange for dying a week earlier than scheduled…well, I know I’d have to sleep on it before inevitably saying no.

“Higher And Higher” is an articulation of pure joy. Shameless, uninhibited, uncontainable, dancing in the street joy. It puts the damnest smile on your face and it makes you feel slightly ashamed about every cynical thought or action you’ve ever been responsible for.

I’m sitting here and trying to think of a cynical thought or action that I might be ashamed about. I’m coming up blank, here. I’m smart enough to know that this can only mean I’ve been a cynic for so long that I’ve long-since stopped being ashamed about it.

Which of course means that I ought to put this song on Repeat and listen to it over and over again during an hour’s drive I’ve got scheduled for this afternoon.

Its restorative powers are unstoppable. I often listen to these Advent Calendar songs while I write about them but it can’t be done with “Higher And Higher.” My butt might be planted in the chair but my upper body is in full celebration mode, with each arm interpreting a different one of the dance moves that the kids in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” perform.

This is not wholly conducive to touch-typing.

Jackie Wilson earned the nickname “Mr. Excitement.” Here I think they were just reading the birthmark off the back of his head. Surely the Bible foretold of the coming of one such as he, or else the book doesn’t even halfway live up to its hype.

Speaking of the Bible, “Higher And Higher” is often included in spiritual compilations. Okay. I can see that. Change a couple of words to eradicate any implication of wanting to get to second base and it becomes a song about the joy that certain believers feel about being loved by God.

I do enjoy a certain spiritual component in this song myself. “Higher And Higher” proves that there is indeed Joy in the world. It’s there. Just be open to it, and you’ll find it.

On second thought, maybe I’ll just listen to this song over an over again while I prepare to go out and do my errands. “Higher And Higher” is truly prescription-grade stuff and use of a motor vehicle while joyful is probably contraindicated on the packaging.

Naturally, it would give me great joy if you were to buy this track from Amazon MP3. I promise you that the money I get from the referral fees will go towards no charity or Good Cause whatsoever. I will spend the Amazon credits on an as-yet undetermined object in that broad category of “Machines That Go ‘Ping!’.”

Amazon MP3: Higher & Higher

But go ahead and buy it from the iTunes Store if you must. I should point out that this is one of those piddling few tracks on iTunes that are actually sold at high bitrate and DRM-free, just like every single track on Amazon.

Go ahead. I’ll get by. Jackie Wilson will cheer me up. That’s how powerful this track is.