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Please back this documentary about women and online harassment by Amy Guth

Documentary about women and online harassment by Amy Guth — Kickstarter:

I’m making a documentary about women and online harassment.

Specifically, I’m making an episodic documentary (that means you don’t have to wait for the whole thing to be finished, since it will be released in episodes) about harassment and civility in the online world, how it relates to women and how some women are fighting back. I’m also creating multimedia pieces around the project as I go. 

While focusing on women’s stories in the modern, digital world and online spaces, I’m also including glimpses into historic examples of backlash against women’s voices (Think anti-Suffragist pamphlets and tactics, trolling letters to female literary greats and scientists, even corporate propaganda to get women out of post-war factories and back into the home). How did these previous attempts at silencing affect the way women conveyed information and organized for social change? By connecting past and present, I aim to find out how the conflict around who gets to have a public voice has (or, perhaps has not) changed over time, regardless of medium.

(Via Kickstarter.)

This sounds like a terrrific documentary. It’s about $8000 short of being funded with just 4 days to go.

Now then. If you back Kickstarter stuff partly for the entertainment value of the process, this is a great time to jump in. Imagine that you weren’t particularly planning on voting in a big election, but there were realtime counts that told you that your favored candidate was close to winning. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to know that your vote really, really mattered?

Unfortunately, I’ve been denied this joy, as I backed it a few weeks ago. But now I’ve gone and upped my pledge (from “not quite cheapskate” to “enthusiastic supporter” level) because I really want to see this one happen.

As your attorney, I strongly advise you to participate.