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Free Comic Book Day: The Grad-School Thesis

Congress has not seen fit to OK a national Free Slab Of Hot, Crisp Bacon Day. But the comics industry has Free Comic Book Day, which is a step in the right direction.

I’ve just made my rounds of my usual shop: The Outer Limits in Waltham, MA. They had a great turnout in the past hour…and of all the right people. Lots of parents were bringing their kids in, which was a cheery sight.

Best quote of the hour, overheard as a father pored through back issues of “Iron Man” with his son. “Look for ones where the armor is simple red and gold,” he counseled. “The ones where they do weird things with the armor are usually the bad ones.”

It brought a tear to my eye and made me wish I had a child to share my accumulated life wisdom with.

I also liked the sibling dynamics on display. The shop imposed a limit if six free comics per person. Most of the big publishers produce an array of Free Comics for the event, which this store augments with some of it’s own inventory. Call it 18 to 20 different free comics

So here comes the child psychology. You’re here with your two siblings. If you pool your resources, you can run the table and come home with the whole library.

OR…you can come home with just a third of them. AND you won’t have to share them with anybody.

I honestly don’t know which response indicates a better-adjusted kid and family.