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Boston Comic-Con

I’ll be at the Boston Comic-Con this weekend. And just as with the New York Comic-Con last year, I have — whew! — narrowly averted that awful, unacceptable situation where I have zero commitments or obligations at the show and can just spend two days relaxing as a passive participant.

Aren’t I so very clever!

I’m moderating Spotlight Sessions with three of the show’s impressive guests:

  • Matt Wagner. He’s had a fantastic career that started off with hit creator-owned characters (Mage and Grendel, two of my favorite books back in the day) and has continued onward through prestige modern work with DC’s iconic characters. (Saturday at 1:30 PM)
  • Frank Quitely. One of my favorite artists. He has such a clean, confident line and he’s a terrific “director”…always choosing the perfect shots and getting the best, pitch-perfect performances from his “actors.” (12-12:45)
  • Neal Adams. A truly legendary artist. His bibliography goes on for several decades and several pages. And as though it weren’t enough that he put a stamp on Batman’s visual look that’s obviously still in full force today, his name is an adjective for a whole artistic style. (Saturday, 3-3:45)

No, actually, it’s at least 90% fun from my perspective. By definition, the Spotlight is on the creators, not on me, so my role is just to ask a few good questions and get out of the way of all the people in the audience with questions of their own.

I was asked to moderate these panels and offered free admission after I’d already bought my two-day pass to the show. SoooOOoooo I now have this fully-paid-for ticket that’s about to go to waste.

You want it? Leave a comment. On Thursday, I’ll choose one that tickles my fancy and I’ll email the “winner” the ticket as a PDF.