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Fireworks Tip

This one caused minor burns & @Maile_wilson's clothe... on Twitpic

I waffled on the “Should I go to the town Fourth Of July fireworks?” decision long enough that the decision became a simple one, if you follow. At which point I was able to tell myself that staying at home was the best plan all along. I’m frustrated by poor signal-to-noise when it comes to travel and excursions. Fireworks are thirty minutes of fun, bookended by an hour of milling around with nothing to do on side and an hour of being stuck in traffic on the other side. That’s the price of getting to and leaving a small patch of land that’s being targeted by thousands of other like-minded individuals.

So here I am: close enough to hear the booms, and nowhere near enough to see the lights.

But I made a nifty discovery just now. I came upon a July 4 blog post with an animated GIF image of real fireworks. And what do you know? The sounds and the image sync up realistically.

Which is to say that they don’t sync up at all. It’s just like being there!

It’s actually kind of uncanny. I’m guessing that my brain is flipping the “Real” indicator light because the sound is a more important convincer than the visual. I get to see video and photos of fireworks year-round. But the CRACKLE and SSSSSSS and BOOOM is one of those “You had to be there” experiences, what with the bass response.

I’ll have to remember this trick. Perhaps next year, I’ll drive to the very edge of the parking nightmare, open up my 15″ notebook, sit through the whole thing, and then be one of the first people to throw the car into reverse and make it out of the apocalyptic exodus of people carrying beach chairs, coolers, and kids who won’t stop screaming until they’re thoroughly convinced that the world didn’t just end.