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FARK.com headlines of the year

I love FARK. It’s a cut above all of the other “Weird news” aggregators both in quality of the stories and quality of the comments. And the headlines that contributors create to summarize the links are often the funniest things I’ll read all day.

At this time of year, FARK holds their “Headline Of The Year” contest. Nominees are collected behind four links. It’s totally worth a read. As tempting as it is to cut-and-paste all of my favorites, I’m just going to select my one favorite from each collection. Click to read the rest of the nominees from each quarter:

Missouri Neo Nazis allowed to participate in Adopt a Highway program. The group may need additional help since they have requested to only pick up white trash

Man gets called into work so he can be fired, returns home to find his house on fire. Wishes he had been laid off

/usr/bin/python -c "import cat"

Toddler falls into baptismal font. To answer the obvious question: Yes, he was saved