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Ihnatko Almanac episode #00165: “One Good Knife”

iA #00165: “One Good Knife”


I’m really pleased with this week’s show. Dan bought an Anova sous vide cooker based on my tales of how well it cooked my Thanksgiving dinner, and I thought it’d be fun to do an all-cooking show.

We spent most of the show talking about sous vide cooking but I’d called out on Twitter for cooking-related ideas and questions, so we went a little broad, too. Some highlights, that I recall:

  • You can eat pink chicken and not become violently ill;
  • How to make green beans that taste great and don’t have to be eaten out of a sense of obligation;
  • Vacuum sealers, and why I don’t have to eat lots of cheese very fast any more;
  • Cooking Gear Acquisition Syndrome, and why One Good Knife is probably better than Several Weird Ones.

I keep coming back to the idea of writing more about cooking, or maybe even starting a food podcast. I’m not an expert on food. My particular set of culinary skills involve methods of cheating your way through a nice, cooked meal. I have little to offer by way of insights on the difference between shaved and ground truffles. I’m the guy who was excited to discover that chopsticks have a million uses, you can buy a million of them for like ten bucks, and if you use ‘em instead of the usual cooking and eating utensils, you wind up with one or three fewer things to wash and dry after dinner.

I shall ponder.

My Tweets about this particular show attracted the attention of the folks at Nomiku. They’re the other big name in consumer sous vide cookers, and they’ll be sending me their next-gen device when it ships next month.