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Cheap Thrills: the Ringo Starr auction catalogue

Hell no, I didn’t bid on anything in the auction of Ringo Starr’s personal memorabilia collection. I drive a car that was built well before the era of center console entertainment displays.

Also, even if I had 1.2 million dollars for his original Beatles touring drumkit, I had a big enough issue trying to figure out where to put the new kitchen food sealer machine I bought a couple of weeks ago. I’d probably have to turn the bass drum upside down and have it do double duty as a laundry hamper.

I don’t bid on auctions, but whenever there’s an interesting one I always head to the auction site and download the PDF auction catalogue. It’s filled with huge, gorgeous photographs and well-sourced history.

The Ringo catalogue is well worth the half a gigabyte it takes up on your iPad. As with any auction of entertainment stuff, it’s terrific to get to see all of the up-close details of things that you’ve seen dozens (if not hundreds) of times on TV screens.

And there are plenty of lovely little stories. Like Lot #649:

RIngo s Mom s Trunk

It’s a reminder that no matter who you are or what you make of yourself, your mom will always be your mom. This trunk packed with Ringo Starr newspaper and magazine clippings — which she continued to save at least through 1980, as the Lennon clipping shows — is no different from the fragile and yellow “Area Teen Places Fourth In Statewide Swim Championships” item that’s taped to the lid of a sewing box somewhere the home of a middle-aged bank manager’s mother.