Podcasts? I got podcasts.

Let’s see…regular podcasts:

I’m one of the weekly hosts of MacBreak Weekly, which is produced by the This Week In Tech network. I also contribute to other TWiT shows here and there.

I’m the host of The Ihnatko Almanac, a weekly show about digital media, which is produced by 5by5 Studios.

I’m one of the hosts of The Material Podcast, a weekly show about Google, part of the mighty Relay.fm constellation of shows.

I’m a frequent panelist on The Incomparable podcast, hosted by my pal Jason Snell.

And I’m often lucky enough to be invited as a guest on other folks’ shows, too. Got a show? Get in touch with me. Spending an hour behind a microphone usually, but not always, beats writing.

2 Replies to “Podcasts? I got podcasts.”

  1. I really enjoy your work. You are a true professional and I look forward to your sense of humor in each podcast you are in. Can’t explain why and I feel absurd saying this, but it really bummed me out that you switched to Android…LOL…

  2. Love the Old Tech News podcasts Andy, but any sign of that review of the Surface tablet(and a more regular update)? Thanks for getting me into comic books at the age of 40! A bit different from the last comics I read – Whizzer and Chips Annual from 1982…Cheers though Andy – really enjoying the podcasts.

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