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Belize…2007, I think. Probably my favorite travel photo of all time. I’d spent the afternoon hiking through gorgeous greenery and around a magnificent 1000-year-old temple complex. A gorgeous day that could only be improved by ice-cold cane sugar Cokes, which I bought as soon as I got back to town. Food porn deluxe! Via Instagram:

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The Holsteins in London.
You can take a single photo with more iconic London things in it…but you’re probably going to have to hire some Beefeaters and chimneysweeps to mingle in the background.

Posting this old photo from my Flickr because @mostlylisa recently took a photo atop the same electrical box, and (bastard) Instagram won’t let me embed a link to it in a comment! Via Instagram:

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At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum yesterday. Photographers at all levels of interest owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to artists who like to stop and draw wherever the mood strikes. Via Instagram:

From my Flickr: “Best Airbnb EVER!”

The Gardner Museum has many true international art treasures. And yet, I think I took as many photos of the courtyard as I did of the artwork.

Can you believe that this used to be somebody’s house?! Sure, of course, Ms. Gardner designed and built it to be an "art museum with an apartment up top." But…I mean, imagine every morning, in your socks and flannel pajama bottoms, bowl of Rice Krispies in hand, yawning and padding across this to get to the TV room to watch last night’s Colbert show on the DVR.

See it here: