Contact Me

I like your initiative!

Unless you’re just going to say something mean to me.

Even there, I admire the fact that you chose to do something and thenĀ followed through on it. Too many people these days lack focus and determination. Hey, I’m no different. My ratio of Books (Published) to Books (Written) to Books (First three thousand words written) is something like 12:16:592.

But don’t think that I’ll enjoy opening your email and reading something mean.

(Reasoned criticism of my work isn’t Mean. Unless it’s preceded or followed by phrases like “You hellacious buckethead of not-being-even-vaguely-right” or somesuch.)

All right, then! You can email me at:

(my last name, spelled correctly) at gmail dot com.

My fingers are crossed that you want me to come out to an event and give a talk, or you’d like to transact money for writing of some sort, or your company has made something that you think I’d enjoy looking at. Or, you were so disappointed by my site’s “No Comments” policy that you chose to send your comments about a recent post to me directly.

If you’re still hell-bent on saying something mean to me, I hope the fact that I paid tribute to you for your overal stick-to-it-ive-ness inspires you to think about maybe blunting the sword before your thrust.

(Unless getting stabbed by a super-sharp sword hurts way less. I don’t have any experience with getting stabbed. Possibly because I encourage people who are upset with me to just send me a mean email. It’s unhealthy to keep those negative emotions bottled in. This is in stark contrast to my bodily humours, which I aim to keep bottled up inside until the autopsy.)