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  1. Hi Andy
    I must say I’m disappointed in your reasons for switching away from the iPhone to an Android device and let me explain why. About a year ago I read a very well written post on you blog explaining why you were refusing to give your hard earned money to Chicfila as a result of their political stance on Gay marriage. They do not support it. I for one refuse to shop at Walmart because they pay their workers such a low wage that 33% of them must rely on food stamps. I admire your position and applaud your community minded action and sacrifice. I am therefore surprised and confused that in the world that is much closer to your heart and wallet then the fast food outlet , you would not apply the same moral code.
    Some basic facts remain, Google is in the advertising business , they were afraid to lose revenue from the market moving to mobile where Apple was and is committed to protect their customers data. Eric Schmidt while serving in a privileged position on Apple’s BOD comes to understand the threat his company may be facing should Apple succeed. Schmidt jettisons his fiduciary responsibility and uses his trusted position to abscond with Apple’s coveted designs , something Apple spent many years and money developing and creates Android from that knowledge. Google releases this software for free in an attempt damage Apples market share and protect their advertising platform , even willing to subsidize the cost to manufacturers to undercut Apple profit ( Nexus 7). Not because they wish to create a better product but because they would like to sell your data which the aggressively mine from their free (albeit very cool) software. That’s just Google, at least they are an American enterprise but now we come to Samsung a company that has been on the wrong side of the law on many occasions , a company whose government creates and breaks laws to favor their countries corporation, a company who has the privilege of earning Apple’s business as a supplier. Samsung uses its trusted position as a business partner and its privileged knowledge of Apples manufacturing technology and materials and approbates that information to compete against its own customer. I think you understand where I’m going here, you Andy who has the courage to give up a chicken sand which for an ethical stance should ignore the type of foul business practiced here against a company that you know for the most part should be an example of what a true American business should function like an example to the rest of the world of America at its best. Please don’t tell Apple that the ethics it brings to the table really do not mean anything in the long run, that the chicken sandwich is just to tasty for you to give up.
    Thx for you time
    Tony Vitale

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