I don't want to moderate comments every day to weed out the spam and the knuckleheads. But I don't want to eliminate the dialogue between myself and my blog's readers completely, either.

Here's what I came up with: I welcome your comments via email.

Hi, I'm Andy! What's YOUR name? (This is a required field.)

I just KNOW we're gonna be great chums! What's your email address? (Yup, sorry to be a jerk, but this is another required field.)

What are you commenting about?

I can't wait to hear what's on your mind. Lay it on me.

I might want to share your comment with the rest of the readers by pasting it into a new blog post. But I won't do that unless you say it's OK. If you'd rather keep this comment private, then it'll just be between you and me. Just tell me how I can use your comment.

"Share at will" means I can share it and I'll credit you. "Share it anonymously" means I'll quote you but I'll keep your name out of it. And if you check "This is private", then I won't repost it ever.

Privacy Restrictions
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