Twitter Question: Favorite Phone Tripod Mount?

Matt Bushby asks:

I love, love, LOVE the RetiCAM. I love it so much I own two or three copies.

It has two features that no other phone tripod mount I’ve seen can touch. Its jaws are wide enough to hold any phone, not just whatever the current iPhone was when this thing was designed in China. And more importantly, it grabs the hell out of your phone.

That’s the fail point of almost all of the others. They’re usually made like little spring clamps and their philosophical mode is to just keep the phone there on the tripod, as opposed to holding it securely. Not this one. The phone slides into a V-shaped channel and then you turn a thumbscrew until its padded jaws are locked around the thing. It is not coming out until you undo the screw.

I’m so confident about the safety of my phone in a RetiCAM that I sometimes even wear my phone on a sling, like an SLR:

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…Which is super-handy when I’m at a conference or at a press event and I don’t want to keep holstering and un-holstering my phone, or worry that I’m going to set my phone down somewhere to free my hands for something else and then someone says hi and by the time I look down again, it’s gone.

Anyway. With the RetiCAM, I can slap the phone on a tripod, sure, but I also feel confident enough to stick it on the end of a monopod and wave it over the side of a bridge at an angle that might be described as “irresponsibly jaunty” given the cost of a phone that (a) retails at $800 and (b) I’m supposed to return to the manufacturer at the end of 30 days.