(Podcast) IA #00175 – “Dusted With Glitter”

Dan Benjamin is back in this week’s Ihnatko Almanac!

We did a little bit of catching up. My chat with Greg Pak last week led to a conversation about Kickstarter. And since Dan and I haven’t talked in a while, we naturally started getting into recent comics and why I even like the comics I don’t like.

I also have almost two hours of monologue about Google I/O on my hard drive. I’m hoping to edit it down to something manageable but even more than that, I want to actually release an episode containing this content. So I might just have to hold my nose, commend my soul to God, and post it as-is.

1 thought on “(Podcast) IA #00175 – “Dusted With Glitter”

  1. Philip Shane

    I’m sure I join many of your fellow listeners in saying that getting to hear your full 2 hour Google I/O would be great. No need to edit. Shipping version 0.9 would totally be in the spirit of Google!

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