Photo Dump

Day Three at CocoaConf Yosemite. This is a magnificent conference that inspires a speaker to do his or her very best, both to match the level of the other talks and as an audition for a slot at next year’s.

I enjoyed the wet weather during last year’s conference. Yosemite is rocks and trees and earth, not just sky, and precipitation works wonders on those things. And then there’s the smell! Why does water do such terrible things to the odor of a dog, but does the sort of things to the aroma of a forest that makes you hungry for a thick steak after taking a long walk through it?

That said, we’ve had utterly cloudless skies all week. The park is so pretty that my regret at not packing my tripod for the trip steadily declined into self-hatred. Fortunately, there was a shop a couple of miles away that rents tripods to dopes.

The weather has changed but the Internet situation is still…I can’t bring myself to say anything negative about Yosemite. I’ll put it this way, instead: “Gosh! Yosemite is so beautiful and being here is so peaceful that the park doesn’t want you to be distracted by Facebook! Or Instagram! Or anything that requires transmission of any packet of digital data larger than what one could possibly memorize and then read to someone over the phone!”

I’ve been having loads of fun taking loads of fab photos. But I can’t post them until I check into my next hotel in a day or two.

I did want to post something all the same, so:

“A blue and black bird perched on a branch just outside my balcony, looking into the lens with an expression of weary suspicion.”

“A plate containing one of the tastiest burritos and taco I’ve ever had.”

“A landscape shot from the Ansel Adams vista point, with my Nexus 5X, that turned out so well that it kind of startled me.”

“A tight shot of Yosemite Falls, framed by trees, under a piercing blue sky.”

“A tight shot of another mountain formation, ditto.”

“A phone snapshot of my camera, on my rented tripod, taking that photo, amusingly revealing that this was just the view from the parking lot of the lodge.”

“An impressive display of hundreds of little boxes of raisins, so that arrivals at Fresno International Airport are impressed and humbled by the region’s raisin-production prowess.”

“Andrew Stone, smiling and gesturing delightfully during his Wednesday morning presentation.”

“The title slide from my own talk, entitled ‘Cows Have Had A Positive Impact Upon My Creative Life’.”

I hope you enjoyed this descriptive slideshow. Sorry about the background music. But look, you’re the one who chose to put on that “Ted 2” soundtrack album…not me.