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Look, here’s the rule: if I’m at a grand public place like the Boston Public Library, and I see a tourist casually strolling around on a balcony that in twenty years of visits I have never, EVER seen anybody on except in photos from the 1890s, my reaction is definitely NOT going to be “Golly…I should contact a staffmember and tell them that someone’s left those doors unlocked!” No. I promise you that I am going to RACE up there with my phone camera ready. And by the time I get there, I will already have rehearsed my “Oh! Am I not supposed to be here? I’m sorry…the door was open, see, and…” response to the inevitable polite request for Sir to please be anywhere but there. (It took them so long to notice that I had time to shoot multiple panoramas, a Photosphere, and even a Google Cardboard VR capture!) Via Instagram:

2 thoughts on “From my Instagram

  1. Grover Smittle

    Andy, where did you get your righteous hat?

    I did the “Oh, am I not supposed to be in here?” at Independence Hall a couple of years ago. The NPS guy was polite but very firm about my leaving NOW.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    Isn’t it great when a staffer understands that this is your first time here and maybe you just made a mistake? He has to chase you off, but he doesn’t have to act like you had unbuckled your pants and were about to take a dump on top of Lyman Hall’s Congressional desk.

    The source of my hats isn’t a secret per se but I’m down to one — one! — shop that still stocks them. Maybe I’ll let you know after I place a big order and I know I’m covered for the next ten years.

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