Bending Not Even Slightly Naughty


I was out taking a constitutional today and wound up buying a jar of honey from some guy in his front yard. He has his own backyard hives. You can’t get more locally-sourced than that, right?

I had, in fact, run out of honey and planned to buy some more at some point this week. But that was only 40% of the reason. I was mostly motivated by the fact that I’d spent the previous hour of my walk listening to a podcast about “Breaking Bad.” The idea of handing over some crumpled bills for some stuff that some guy made in his basement — partly while wearing a jumpsuit that protected his whole body — made me feel edgy and interesting and saleable to basic cable.

“Is it pure?” I asked. Which was a rational question about honey but I’m sure the beekeper jumped to the wrong conclusion about why I was asking.

The beekeeper was wearing pants. If he were wearing nothing but tighty-whiteys I probably would have tipped him an extra $5 and praised his entrepreneurial spirit.

6 thoughts on “Bending Not Even Slightly Naughty

  1. Dusan Maletic

    As a hobby backyard beekeeper I can give you even more reasons to enjoy locally sourced honey: Small, hobby beekeeping allows for implementing some beekeeping practices that would either economically kill a larger commercial setup or made it unfeasible for them to exist (needing more than 24 hrs in a day ;) ). I don’t know if your local beekeeper implements some or all of them but it is very likely that he does. I’ll not go into details but the small backyard production can create less polluted, less processed, higher quality honey than the industry in general.

  2. Ihnatko Post author

    That’s really interesting! I’ve already kind of decided to keep buying his honey. It’s good stuff (not that I’m a connoisseur) and I like the idea.

  3. Mike

    Awesome – much thanks, Andy.
    I really like KP’s interviews. For Seinfeld fans, the one with Larry David was epic.

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