Why I wanted nothing to do with the 32 gig iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is only available in two storage capacities: 128 gigs and 32. I have to imagine that the lesser is there for enterprise (ie, “bulk”) purchasers because even after 48 hours with this thing, it’s clear that the $150 it costs to max it out is the cheapest $150 I’ve ever spent.

Here’s what I have on it:

  • 5 feature films, in 1080 HD;
  • 6 hours of TV, also in 1080 HD;
  • 4 episodes of TV in SD;
  • A 2’40” feature movie, in SD;
  • 65 comic books, in CBZ/CBR format;
  • 35 Comixology HD comics (some graphic novel-length);
  • 2 Kindle books;
  • About 1000 photos;
  • 2874 tracks of music;

…And I still have about 19 gigbytes free, for future apps and documents.

I don’t need all of this stuff. I could get by with 32 gigs of storage if I carefully picked and chose what content I loaded up, after thoughtful consideration of how I’d be using this device over the coming few days, and then, once or twice a week, adding or removing content as needed.

But what fun is is that? For $150, I can just put everything on it, and always have something right at hand.

6 thoughts on “Why I wanted nothing to do with the 32 gig iPad Pro

  1. Paul Holbrook

    I’m still impressed that you managed to use up 90+ gigabytes. I looked at my 128Gb IPad Air this morning and I’ve got 60Gb free – which is good enough to validate my choice of the 128 two years ago.

    In your case, it’s obviously the video that’s using the majority of the space. I’d be curious to know how much that uses.

  2. Jeff

    I’m glad you’ve decided to post more frequently on your blog. First, great writerly voice. Second, you maybe the most sensible tech columnist around, and while the Sun-Times might pay the bills, it’s delivery doesn’t do you justice.

    Would appreciate further information on using the iPad Pro to remote operate an older Mac. I’ve got a dying iMac and an underutilized, older Mini Server. With the Mini and iPad Pro, I’m hoping to forgo replacing the iMac.

  3. Jason D

    Why not grab the LTE model if you are already getting the 128?

    I scooped up the LTE model for that chance time that I may need to access signal without WiFi.

    But in my area there isn’t always a wifi hotspot.

  4. Ihnatko Post author

    I getcha. A while back I realized that it made no sense to pay for separate mobile broadband plans for both my phone and my iPad. I even allowed my “unlimited bandwidth” plan (which AT&T stopped offering after the first month the iPad was available) lapse; I did the math and realized that the overage costs on my phone’s mobile plan would actually cost less, over the course of a year.

  5. Ihnatko Post author

    It’s possible, if you only have a light need for Mac apps. One of the main points of my review will be that a notebook is a notebook and an iPad is an iPad. There’s plenty of overlap but the differences can be dealbreakers.

  6. Ihnatko Post author

    I rip Blu-rays at full resolution with the intention of putting ’em on a server, so I do nothing to try to economize file size. Each movie is usually about four to seven gigabytes.

    I transcode my favorite movies into another, tiny copy, so that I can always keep a copy on my device.

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