A terrific “Peanuts” Humble Bundle!

It looks like I’ve gone slap-happy for “Peanuts” ebooks. There’s a fantastic new Humble Bundle of exclusively “Peanuts” comics.

Please turn your attention to the $15 donation level, which includes Volume One of Fantagraphics’ “Complete Peanuts” (all of the strips from 1950-1952) as a DRM-free ebook. I just bought it (of course) and you get download links for it as PDF, CBZ, or ePub.

Even if I’d already bought this from Comixology I would have bought it again, just to have it unlocked. And of course the Bundle also includes scads of other Peanuts-licensed comics, plus some of the dough goes to support charities.

As your attorney, I strongly advise you to buy this bundle.

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