Not My Job: Project Runway’s Tim Gunn Gets Quizzed On Terrible Fashion : NPR

Not My Job: Project Runway's Tim Gunn Gets Quizzed On Terrible Fashion : NPR.

Tim Gunn guests on “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” Of course he’s wonderful.

Be sure to download and listen to his recent “Fresh Air” interview as well.

I’m a fan and an admirer. Over the years, I’ve come to believe that Tim Gunn picked up the torch of TV Kindness that Mister Rogers laid down. I’ve bought an episode or two of “Project Runway” specifically because I found some of Gunn’s interactions with contestants to be so sweet and moving.

Imagine my relief when this impression of the man remained intact, after hearing a bunch of interviews with the man and reading his combination memoir and collection of essays about life. It’ll seriously bum me out if I learn that his personal assistant has been instructed to keep a pot of hot coffee at hand at all times, strictly for throwing-at-underlings purposes.