It would appear that the new theme is installed and working. And in desperate need of editing. But! It is indeed a theme that with the healing power of a $42 Themeforest purchase has transformed my blog into mostly what I want it to look like.

Oh, dear Lord. I wanted to embed a link to the theme (“Bliss”, by Bluthemes) but the store has no facility for sharing links to things. Or, if it does, then the feature is successfully hidden.

Well, lemons from lemonade: this latest snafu saves me from writing about a thousand words about how difficult the theme-buying process has been. And I’m not talking about “Gosh, so many professionally-designed WordPress themes! Which one will enable me to fulfill my goals as a publisher?” I mean that I wished to exchange a sum of money that I have, for a software product that this sells, but apparently, this simple and time-worn mechanism for commerce is insufficient for the folks who put together this store. I suspect that they also devised the Babel Fish puzzle in the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide Infocom game.

Perhaps I’ll get around to that story later. “Never blog until the scars have healed,” I say. Because the brain never works at optimum throughput in the flush of anger. And even if you’re reporting things accurately, it’ll be with the tone of voice of someone who’s pissed off. You’re still level-headed enough to loathe the messages that the Westboro Baptist Church puts on their protest signs, but still addled enough to think that their sense of design is admirable and worth of emulation.

I’m saying that you might be absolutely right that patrons of the restaurant at the end of your street have no right to park on the easement outside your house, but a huge, garish “GOD HATES ILLEGAL PARKERS” sign puts the focus on the messenger, not the message.

In any event: I have swapped months of learning Web 3.0 software development for days or, at worst, weeks of learning how to customize this one theme. Yup, there are some things that Ain’t Quite Right, and I’ll be addressing ’em as I go. But I feel like I’ve made progress.

And! I finally solved the damn Babel Fish puzzle.