Seven Psychopaths (I must say…)

Watch the trailer for “Seven Psychopaths.” Written and directed by Martin McDonagh, who wrote and directed “In Bruges,” a movie that earned him immediate spot on my “if this person’s name is on it, then I’m buying it” list.

You might have the same reaction to the trailer as I did:

“God, it’s wonderful to have a movie in which Christopher Walken is allowed to act. For years, directors have been hiring him to do his impression of Jay Mohr doing his impression of Christopher Walken.”

2 thoughts on “Seven Psychopaths (I must say…)

  1. Jeff Kirkland

    Yes! It’s been a long time since anybody has done a decent quirky criminal caper. In fact the last one worthy of note was probably “In Bruge” so I have high hopes for “Seven Psychopaths”.

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