iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 5


Same as before. One of the photos in this group was shot with an iPhone 5. The others were shot with other phones…and one was shot with a conventional camera. For the big finale, I’ve expanded the lineup to seven perps instead of just five:


(Click on the image to go to Flickr and embiggen. Come back to comment.)

And just like before, I haven’t made any changes to exposure, color, or sharpness. All I’ve done is crop the same section of each photo and scale it to 300×400 pixels for comparison.

Which is your favorite? And can you spot the iPhone 5 image?

Thanks for all of your comments, by the way. This isn’t a scientific test by any means, but all of these subjective reactions to these side-by-side comparisons are very useful to me.

My three-part review of the iPhone 5 begins tomorrow…with a discussion of the iPhone 5’s camera. When the column hits the web, I’ll publish the answers to each of these little quizzes.

20 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 5

  1. Kyle

    1 = iPhone 4S
    2 = Samsung Galaxy SIII
    3 = iPhone 5
    4 = EVO 4G or iPhone 3GS
    5 = ?
    6 = Conventional
    7 = iPhone 4
    You’re a handsome dude but I never want to stare at you face that long again.

  2. Gavin

    I’m most interested to know what produced 4 & 7. They look terrible, but for different reasons. I’d say it’s between 3 & 6, and I’d have to assume 6 is the iPhone 5 and 3 the ‘real’ camera. If the answer is the reverse, you should name & shame the camera too!

    One nerdy note – there’s slightly different amounts of the window showing in each crop which may be messing with the auto exposure…

  3. J

    So first things first… How did your model replicate that look for 7 different cameras? impressive if not a little worrisome. We did not see # 4 before and I am calling that as a iphone3g or older. It just feels like a familiar filter. Crappy scratched lens and blown out lights.

    Ok back to regular programming.

    1 looks like there is motion blur but maybe it’s just me.

    1 and 2, 4 & 7 have very SOFT focus and 2 seems over saturated (pink face).

    The three remaining 3, 5 and 6 all have strong qualities.

    #5 is showing pixelization (some) and looks to me like the camera did some highlight manipulation as part of the output. It is a pleasing compressed look

    #6 has less pixelization but is a little too contrasty. It is very clear. The gravy stain on the subjects shirt for example…????

    #3 is the clearest and best color balanced of the shots.

  4. Garry

    It is between 3 and 6 as all the rest look pretty poor in comparison. My preference is 3 as the skin tones look warmer and more natural. No 4 shame on you, call that a camera!

  5. Drew

    #3 is my favourite. I think #6 is iPhone5.

    They both have similar levels of detail but #3 is warmer, and I want warmth when looking at a “dear old friend”.

    #6 makes you look too pale and makes me worry you’re not getting your greens.

    I enjoyed these quizzes immensely. What baffles me is why Apple puts so much effort into crafting amazing photographic hardware, what with all the rare earth lens coatings and dynamic sensors etc, and then screw it up with a 1 button focus & exposure control method.

    Camera+’s 1 button to focus and 1 button to set the exposure really allows the awesome camera of every iPhone since iPhone 4 to really shine! (I have no affiliation).

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