iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 2


What…you think I’d entitle the Washington post “Part 1” and not have more?

Here’s you’re next case, Angels. The same shot taken five times with the same five imaging devices as the Washington photo. One of these was shot with an iPhone 5. The rest were shot with devices available in stores today. Click the image to visit Flickr and see an embiggened version. Come back here for comments.


I’ve made no edits to exposure, color, or sharpness…I just cropped a section out for close examination.

Which is your favorite?

Which one was shot with the iPhone 5?

18 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Photo Quiz – Part 2

  1. ToucanMonkey

    This is much tougher than the other one, all I want to throw out there is iPhone 5 is f2.4 so it’s probably #3 or #4 because of the depth of field, however I think #4 is more likely due to the nice color of the flower.

  2. SciencelifeNY

    The iPhone tends to over saturate, so I think the iPhone is #1 or #4 clockwise. They are all good, but #5s balance is nice. The lack of edge jaggies is also nice on #5

  3. russ stauffer

    I am going to assume that One of Andy’s Five devices is a *Really Good* dedicated camera, like a pro-sumer DSLR or better. I will further assert that generally, of the five photos, the iPhone will be the second best in quality. With ‘second’ best defined in terms of detail in low light, and ability to handle large range light.

    Most importantly, I will say that Andy gave us all a MAJOR hint – – by using the iPhone5 photo for the ‘full image’ he posts at head of each quiz.

    Given all that, then the 5th (bottom row, far right) photo is the iPhone5.

    OK, so let’s play:

  4. Tick

    Like #5 the best (least distortion along the black edge), #1 has too much saturation, #3 perhaps a bit too little.

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