Boston Comic-Con

I’ll be at the Boston Comic-Con this weekend. And just as with the New York Comic-Con last year, I have — whew! — narrowly averted that awful, unacceptable situation where I have zero commitments or obligations at the show and can just spend two days relaxing as a passive participant.

Aren’t I so very clever!

I’m moderating Spotlight Sessions with three of the show’s impressive guests:

  • Matt Wagner. He’s had a fantastic career that started off with hit creator-owned characters (Mage and Grendel, two of my favorite books back in the day) and has continued onward through prestige modern work with DC’s iconic characters. (Saturday at 1:30 PM)
  • Frank Quitely. One of my favorite artists. He has such a clean, confident line and he’s a terrific “director”…always choosing the perfect shots and getting the best, pitch-perfect performances from his “actors.” (12-12:45)
  • Neal Adams. A truly legendary artist. His bibliography goes on for several decades and several pages. And as though it weren’t enough that he put a stamp on Batman’s visual look that’s obviously still in full force today, his name is an adjective for a whole artistic style. (Saturday, 3-3:45)

No, actually, it’s at least 90% fun from my perspective. By definition, the Spotlight is on the creators, not on me, so my role is just to ask a few good questions and get out of the way of all the people in the audience with questions of their own.

I was asked to moderate these panels and offered free admission after I’d already bought my two-day pass to the show. SoooOOoooo I now have this fully-paid-for ticket that’s about to go to waste.

You want it? Leave a comment. On Thursday, I’ll choose one that tickles my fancy and I’ll email the “winner” the ticket as a PDF.

17 thoughts on “Boston Comic-Con

  1. Matthew Ebel

    I’d want to go, but I’d be afraid that so many nerds would be in one place at the same time that we’d collapse under our own gravity and suck Boston into a black hole.

  2. Shawn Levasseur

    You sold me. I’m going.

    Not that you are THE reason I’m going. Just the cherry on top of the sundae, (or the straw that broke the camel’s back)

    Never mind the January 2000 incident where I was stalking you in San Francisco (inadvertently, it was just chance.. Honest! I’m sure any restraining orders would have expired by now anyway.)

    The other factors are:
    Being a big fan of Matt Wagner.A friend, Dave Naybor (one of the world’s coolest comic book shop clerks), will be there promoting his small press book, Walking Christendom.The fact I’ve never really been to a comic con of this size before. (Conventions are the big hole in my comic fanboy resume.)It’s close enough to home (Maine) to make the travel enjoyable (no airports involved)

  3. Tom Strong

    Whatever you do, do not ask Neal Adams about his crackpot theory of Earth expansion. The man won’t shut up.

  4. Thomas Brady

    How much geek cred can one man have? I think you need to give that pass away just to postpone the FTC’s Nerdery Antitrust investigation another month.

  5. Daphne Winkworth

    I’d love to go — unless you think a single female with a nice pair of glasses would likely be subjected to a lot of geek flirting.

    I’m given to understand, though, that geek flirting often is simply two geeks staring at each other until one leaves. Both geeks then go home and kick themselves for not being braver.

  6. Lamar

    If you think you can get away with it without getting punched, can you ask Matt when and if “Mage 3” is ever going to happen?

  7. David

    Your long review of iPad 2 at Chicago Sun-Times is informative but incredibly bloated. The same analysis could have been conveyed in half the space, and would have been more enjoyable to read and easier to consult. Was the piece not copy-edited before being published?

  8. Jeff Parsons

    I was going to try to win this pass, but after Daphne’s post I don’t stand a chance.

  9. Frank

    Re: comic cons, back in October I listened the 2010 New York Comic Con interview you did with Bryan Deemer of Comic Geek Speak. That led me to Mac Break. It all connects.

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